The horrific, monsterified, gore-laden, and downright bloody "The Immortal Hulk #19"

"I would eat his heart in the marketplace"—William Shakespeare

"The Immortal Hulk #19" Cover A by Alex Ross

The Immortal Hulk series is just hot issue after hot issue.

And if there wasn't a more foreshadowing quote in the series yet, this is it.

This go around we see a wonderful exposition of Betty Brant's evolution.

Ewing puts our giant green immortal friend on the back-burner to focus on our newly changed Red Betty. Throughout the course of this issue, we see deep introspection by a monsterified character into the type of person she was, and what she feels herself to have truly been all along. Ewing's script gives Joe Bennett plenty of room to tell the story with his absolutely gruesome pencils.

Mind you, this issue of The Immortal Hulk is definitely not one for the kiddos, and that's my take after the other 18 issues. Gore-laden and downright bloody-Red and -Green both, this issue centers on weakness, and our cast's ability to overcome it... or not.

Check out The Immortal Hulk #18 soon! Given the high order count by retailers at this point in the run, it should be readily available... if that insane Alex Ross artwork on the cover hasn't caused everyone to snatch up their copies already!

With three covers, pick your favorite and dig in!

Thanks, POPpin people!

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