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The InvincIndex: An Invincible Comics Retrospective Index.

Well, 25 weeks later and here we are! Our journey through the amazing world of Robert Kirkman's Invincible is complete. Was one hell of a ride, wasn't it?

But, for those that weren't here for the whole run, or anyone that wants to revisit some of the earlier works, I've knocked up this handy Index, to allow you all to find specific volumes in a click! Just scroll down until you see the volume you want, click on the cover and Bob's your uncle! Bob Kirkman, that is ;)

Invincible Volume 1: Family Matters.

We've all got to start somewhere. And this is where young Mark Grayson begins his amazing journey as Invincible. From his humble beginnings as a fry cook at a local burger joint, Mark also happens to be the half alien child of the world's greatest super hero.

We also meet The Teen Team; we'll be seeing a LOT more of them. Debbie Grayson, Mark's mother and MVP of the series.

And Omni-man, defender of Democracy, strongest being on Earth, Mark's father and... Person of dubious character. But more on that later ;).

Invincible Volume 2: Eight Is Enough.

Volume two Introduces us to one of the best supporting characters in comics history: Allen the Alien! We'll be seeing a lot of him, in the volumes to come.

It also introduces us to another constant in the series: Mark getting his ass KICKED. We'll be seeing a LOT of that!

The last of the introductions, this volume, are for the Guardians of the Globe. The world's premier super hero team...

Aanndd they're dead. Turns out Omni-man isn't quite the hero we thought.

Invincible Volume 3: Perfect Strangers.

Yeah, this is where the series gets crazy. The first two volumes lull you into a false sense of security. It's just a normal Superhero book, nothing major. BOOM. Mark's dad is a monster, the story Mark has been raised to believe about his heritage is a lie and the alien Viltrumites are pure evil.

This volume also features Mark's second brutal beating. Told you we'd be seeing that a lot...

Invincible Volume 4: Head Of The Class.

After the life changing reveals of Volume 3, we settle down a little.

Mark nearly marries a fish, Angstrom Levy the dimension hopper is introduced, and the Invincible Multiverse is revealed.

Spoiler warning, 90% of Mark Graysons in the Multiverse are utter toolbags.

We also find out that there IS life on Mars, but they're not the nicest of people.

So, yeah. A nice calm volume. Ya know, comparatively speaking.

Invincible volume 5: The Facts Of Life.

Mark starts college! Yay, books, Ramen, sleeping through class... zombie robots made by a mad scientist? Wow, college sure has changed since I was there!

Also: Angstrom Levy's grand experiment backfires drastically, creating one of the worst characters in the whole series.

And Mark's girlfriend finds out that she actually CAN handle the truth; who knew?

Lastly, the Viltrumites show their hand, which ends VERY badly for our boy Allen.

Invincible Volume 6: A Different World.

You just know you're in for a fun ride, when the comic starts off with something as Meta as having the lead in your comic book's favourite character from a comic book show up to ask for a favour.

And you know you're reading a Kirkman book, when that favour involves flying to a distant planet in order to save the family of... your dad, who you last saw when he beat you to the edge of death, and told you he never loved you or your mother, and that you don't matter.

Also, there's a LOT of gore. It's pretty fun.

Invincible Volume 7: Three's Company.

Mark takes a nice break in Africa, where Atom Eve doesn't spend the whole time hitting on him, and shitting on Amber. Not AT ALL.

The holiday ends about as well as you could expect, when Mark is informed that Angry Levy has taken his whole family hostage. Mark handles this really well, though.

And by really well, I mean he rushes in head first and gets dumped in a ruined alternate universe. So, yay.

Lastly, Robot's boss, the talking ballsack, puts his plan into action, to move his mind into a body he cloned from Rex. Because out of everyone, he chose to look like REX.

Invincible Volume 8: My Favourite Martian.

This volume, D.A. Sinclair finally gets what's coming to him. Sadly, 'what's coming to him' is a full pardon, a cutting edge lab, and a rather sweet job, courtesy of the morally ambiguous Cecil Steadman.

Sadly, that's just about the best thing that happens this volume.

As the Sequid's ship roars towards Earth, Invincible takes a team up to stop them, and sort of succeeds.

Back on Earth, the B-team tries to stop the Lizard League, and they also succeed. More or less.

Invincible Volume 9: Out Of This World.

Get it? Because they're in space!

Yup, Mark returns to the yawn abyss of space, kicks some more squid butt (a different space squid to last time, though.) and returns home in triumph!

Sadly, that's about the only victory he manages, this Volume. As he fails just about everything else he tries, even having lunch with his mother, which is interrupted by a rather angry and very aggressive Viltrumite lady.

And Mark's brother Oliver, growing at a rapid rate due to his alien heritage, makes his first faltering steps into the world of Superheroics.

Invincible Volume 10: Who's the Boss?

This volume begins with Doc Seismic kaput-ing every hero on the planet. Which is a sentence I NEVER thought I'd need to use.

But don't worry, D.A. Sinclair's here to rescue everyone! you'll remember Sinclair from Mark recently arresting him for murder... and he brought along his army of zombie robots. What a great guy.

This leads to one of the least shocking reveals in Invincible History: Cecil Steadman, Mark's sort of boss and head of a very dodgy off the books government defense agency might actually not be that nice of a guy.

I know. I'm shocked too.

Invincible Volume 11: Happy Days.

We begin with a trip to the future, when Immortal is the unchallenged lord of the Future. Right up until Invincible pops his head like a grape.

In space, one of the greatest bromances ever begins. As Allen the Alien shares some time in Lockup with the new and improved, much calmer, Omni-man.

Then, we're meant to be tense and suspicious as Mark starts finding cameras around his house. Which would be more interesting, if we didn't already know who had planet them there...

Invincible Volume 12: Still Standing.

Volume 12 finds Invincible facing his toughest challenge yet: Himself!

As Levy's army of alternate reality Invincibles invade this reality, and murder just about every big name in the InvinciVerse. Savage Dragon, Spawn, Witchblade. See all your favourite Image heroes show up, try to fight, and get utterly RUINED.

And you'd think that would be the worst part of Mark's week!

Nope. Just as he's almost recovered: Enter Conquest! the Viltrumite's Go-To guy, when it comes to crushing whole civilisations. His next Target? Invincible.

Invincible Volume 13: Growing Pains.

Allen and Nolan gather allies, to assist in the upcoming showdown with The Viltrumites.

On Earth, we're introduced to Dinosaurus, the super-genius dinosaur, who seems to be dealt with a little too quickly: I wonder why?

Without a moment to catch their breath after, Earth must next fight off the Sequids, again.

Then, on a far distant moon, we're introduced to the baddest MoFo in this universe or any other:

Grand Regent THRAGG.

Invincible Volume 14: The Viltrumite War!

Oh yeah, it's finally time!

The volumes starts with the Guardians quickly kicking some Flaxxan ass, before Robot decides it's a great idea to jump through a mysterious portal. I'm sure nothing will come of that, though...

Then, the war begins! And in the opening moves, Conquest returns, and this time Mark is out for blood! Most of it will be his, though, Conquest is no pushover...

The war is eventually won, but Mark is wary, and as it turns out, with good reason!

Invincible Volume 15: Get Smart.

Things get a little complex, as everyone tries to relax after the shocking events of the Viltrumite War.

Rex and Monster-Girl, now a woman grown, return from the Flaxxan Homeworld, but something isn't quite right.

And, our old friend Dinosaurus is back. And now, he's on a MISSION. That mission, worryingly, is to detonate a bomb that will level all of Las Vegas, in an attempt to save the world.

The worrying part is, it actually works.

And the REALLY worrying part is, when he sees this, Mark decides that maybe teaming up with Dino isn't the worst idea.

Invincible Volume 16: Family Ties.

Ooooh no. Volume 16 sees Allen come up with a great plan: to destroy the Viltrumite presence on Earth, release an amped up version of the Scourge virus into the atmosphere, and then see who dies.

Yeah. That's it. That's the whole plan. It's genuinely terrible. Thankfully, with some aid from Thragg, everyone realises this is just the worst plan ever.

Except for Oliver, because Oliver is a dick.

Invincible Volume 17: What's Happening.

Things aren't looking great. Mark is missing, and the temporary truce that was called while everyone waited to see if he'd survive is crumbling.

And things don't look up, when Mark is found. Because the Scourge Virus may not be lethal, but its effects are going to have repercussions!

Then, we get one of the best side-arcs in Invincible history, as the true story of Rex and Monster-Girl's time on the Flaxxan Homeworld is revealed!

Be prepared for love, betrayal, bugs, and some very surprising introductions.

Invincible Volume 18: The Death Of Everyone.

A nice cheery title, for this volume.

Sadly, it's also a very appropriate title. As Mark regains his powers, his first thought is to make sure that Dinosaurus hasn't done anything too horrific in the time he was away.

But, of course, he totally has. And while Mark tries his best to avert disaster, Dinosaurus is as clever as he is insane.

Trying to deal with the fallout from Dinosaurus' latest horror, Mark finally realises that maybe he should stick to just punching things, and let others do the thinking.

Enter, Cecil. Again...

Invincible Volume 19: The War At Home.

It's hard, being right all the time.

Angstrom Levy returns, again, and banishes mark to an alternate universe. Again.

Then something odd happens... With Mark out of the way, Eve is left to deal with Levy and tries talking to him. And it sort of works. He seems to more of less calm down, before he's dragged through a portal by one of the evil Invincibles he set on the world.

Of course, Mark can't let that go, so him and Robot find a way to enter the new reality, and confront both Evil Mark, and potentially redeemed Levy.

In other news, Nolan becomes leader for the Viltrumite Empire and decides the best way to punish Thragg is to let him go. Oooh, such a harsh punishment.

Invincible Volume 20: Friends.

"Friends" is a relative term.

After being dumped by Robot, Mark is still stranded in the alternate dimension, with a dead Levy in the midst of an evil empire run by... him?

His only chance of getting home? seek out the LAST person he wants to see, right now!

Back on Earth, with Invincible out of the way Robot puts his plans into action. His goal? Total, global domination. And somehow, he still thinks he's the good guy...

Invincible Volume 21: Modern Family.


I mean, a bunch of other stuff happens, good stuff. Turns out Robot isn't actually THAT bad, at the whole running the planet thing.

Mark, Eve, and lil' baby Terra leave Earth, to move to Talescria.

But none of that matters, because woven throughout the issue is the EPIC showdown between two of the greatest characters in the series.

Grand Regent Thragg and The Battle Beast. Two characters with a total of zero fucks to give. But only one can make it out alive.

Invincible Volume 22: Reboot?

The last of the resistance is crushed, and Eve has a really hard time adjusting to life on Talescria...

And then, suddenly, Mark touches a glowy lamp creature and is sent back to the start of his adventure.

But, as they say, forewarned is forearmed. So, with the knowledge of all the terrible things that are going to happen to him, he fixes them before they can break.

But, he is then faced with making a brutal choice: His new near perfect world, or the world which contains his child?

Invincible Volume 23: Full House.

So, it turns out magic glowing lamp monsters aren't great at time travel. Or, they're really good, but also spiteful dicks.

Mark has returned, after sacrificing his perfect world, so he can live with his baby.

His baby, who is now a grown child. Yup, it's another time skip!

And it seems, while Mark was gone, Thragg has been kicking ass and taking names.

And when Mark, Eve and Terra fly off to have some family time on a deserted forest world... Thragg's welcoming committee are REAL pleased to see them.

Invincible Volume 24: The End Of All Things, Part One.

Here it is, folks! The start of the last and greatest arc in Invincible.

Oliver is sent to whatever comes next, Mark starts a fight with Allen, because he deserves it, and Terra strongly considered poking Allen in the eye.

But, once everyone has calmed down, they can get to the business of WAR!

The coalition has gathered all its allies, and every resource it has available. Thragg has his army of bug children.

It's all come down to this! First up: Thragg Vs Nolan!

Invincible Volume 25; The End Of All Things, Part Two.

End ALL the things!

How do you end a series as groundbreaking, heart breaking and jaw dropping as Invincible?

Well, it helps if you give us one of the best fights ever committed to the page.

As Mark and Thragg face off, to decide the fate of the Universe!

Then, Robot decides to be a dick, one last time.

And the grand tale comes to a close, as we find out all that comes after, and wrap it all up with a single, near perfect frame.

Well played, Kirkman. Well played.

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