The latest dramatic ep of The Flash features "The Exorcism of Nash Wells"

The episode opens with the reveal of a new fractal copy/spy created by the still-behind-the-Looking-Glass Mirror Master-to-be, and sending her and Fractal Iris on a mission to retrieve tech she needs to escape. During their robbery, they meet another Dr. Light photon-based assassin, calling herself Sunshine, who is after the same tech.

But the main plots of this ep are very Nash-centric, as the episode title implies. Eobard Thawne is desperately trying to take control of Nash Wells’ body, so he can physically fulfill his revenge against Barry, his family, and friends. As Team Flash tries to figure out how to exorcise Thawne from Nash, they discover why Nash has been seeing ghosts of incarnations of Wells from across the multiverse. Which shouldn’t be possible, since they are all gone. No spoiler, but I am glad to report we will continue to be treated to the sight of Tom Cavanagh portraying multiple Wellses.

Barry nearly gives Thawne a taste of his own medicine...the vibrating hand of death through the heart

Team Flash’s other task is to figure out how to create a new Speed Force for Barry to use, before the current Speed Force charge in his body wears off. Each time he feels tempted to use his speed, he faces a huge dilemma: Is it worth it? Of course, we all know Barry is not one to sit on the sidelines…

We also get the full, tragic backstory of Nash and Maya, the girl in the Polaroid with him, and his universe’s version of Alegra. It’s no wonder he doesn’t want to talk about it. But being forced to face his memories and admitting his mistakes becomes a critical plot point and a key weapon to defeating Thawne.

Thawne tortures Nash in Nash's mindscape, forcing him to relive his last moments with Maya

Maya's tragic backstory is revealed


• a fun Fight Club geek-out exchange

• a reference to the villain from the Justice League’s first Silver Age appearance

• Nash’s little wink to Barry right before Cisco uses the device to separate Nash from Thawne

• The look Caitlyn gives Barry to get her “Doctor’s Orders” point across

• a very cool SFX treatment for Sunshine’s phasing

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