The POP Cover Gimmick Of The Week features Marvel faces in disturbing "Immortal" wraparounds

The POP Cover Gimmick Of The Week for new releases on Wednesday, September 4, 2019 was inspired by (and named after) Bruce Banner's grotesque transformation into the Immortal Hulk in the recent pages of Marvel's horror take on the Gamma Giant. Each wraparound cover features a close-up of a character undergoing a metamorphosis from one aspect of their persona to another, whether it's their secret identity or an agonizing physical change, like Banner's. A few are downright gruesome, like Victor von Doom morphing into Doctor Doom on Fantastic Four #14 (that stretching eyeball!), but most are pretty tame in comparison, but still fascinating to see.

"Fantastic Four #14" Immortal variant cover by Ryan Brown

I do wonder if Sue Storm's transformation into the Invisible Woman could have been handled in a different, perhaps more creative way, rather than defaulting to the very dated and cliched dotted outline effect. Curiously, her chest symbol isn't turning invisible along with the rest of her, and the apple isn't seen through her semi-transparent hand (but the graphic rings are?).

"Fantastic Four #14" Immortal cover variant by Christian Ward

"Fantastic Four #14 Immortal cover variant by Tom Raney

"Fantastic Four #14" Immortal cover variant by Mike McKone

"Fantastic Four #14" Immortal cover variant by In-Hyuk Lee

"The Immortal Hulk #23" Immortal cover variant by Valerio Schiti

"The Punisher #15" Immortal cover variant by Butch Guice

"Savage Avengers #5" Immortal variant cover by Valerio Schiti

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