The POP Cover Gimmick Of The Week: MORE bizarre "Immortal" wraparounds, plus Cover of the Week!

The POP Cover Of The Week is part of the Cover Gimmick Of The Week for new releases on Wednesday, September 11, 2019, as Marvel continues their interesting and sometimes gruesome "Immortal Variant" wraparound covers.

Each wraparound cover features a close-up of a character undergoing a metamorphosis from one aspect of their persona to another, whether it's their secret identity, like Peter Parker into Spider-Man, or an agonizing physical change, like Venom's or the bizarre and stomach-turning transformation of Thor into his older King Thor self.

"Venom #18" cover art by Will Sliney

"Miles Morales: Spider-Man #10" cover art by Emanuela Lupacchino

"King Thor #1" cover art by Luke Ross

"Daredevil #11" cover art by Khoi Pham

"The Amazing Spider-Man #29" cover art by Mark Bagley

"Moon Knight Annual #1" cover art by Pasqual Ferry

The POP Cover Of The Week is the beautiful, hyper-realistic cover of Silver Surfer Black #4 illustrated by Alex Garner, featuring Norrin Radd morphing into the Silver Surfer. This is one of the most masterful depictions of the chrome skin of the Silver Surfer I have seen, and the skin texture and detail on Norrid Radd (the metallic gold collar! The guyliner!) is just as impressive; he looks like a real person. The colorful, cosmic background in one-point perspective ties the illustration together and gives a feeling of depth and motion. The black ooze climbing up the Surfer's shoulder is icing on the cake.

"Silver Surfer Black #4" cover by Alex Garner

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