The POP Cover Of The Week is all about creepy trees: Family Tree #4

Family Tree #4, Image Comics, Cover by Phil Hester.

This week’s POP Cover Of The Week not only features one pick of the week, but also honors a POP COTW runner-up from a couple of months, Image’s new mystery/action/horror title, Family Tree.

Cover artist Phil Hester has designed a couple of covers so far that are a treat, and excellent editorial illustrations for comic’s concept: a young girl who is transforming into a tree, and her family’s journey across America searching for a cure. Hester’s art style on the covers and interiors of this series is more jagged than usual, which adds a subliminal degree of danger and discomfort to the story.

Family Tree #1 was especially effective, depicting the girl upside down and her hair hanging down into the cover, morphing into tree roots that also colorshift from white to red.

Issue #4 does a bit of fourth wall breaking, with the girl and her grandfather running across the top of the large comic title logo to evade a copse of horrific living trees grasping at their feet. Reminds me of the grumpy/grabby apple trees from the Wizard of Oz movie that used to creep me out as a kid. The brown and cyan color scheme on plain white background is clean and simple and helps focus attention on the trees.

The trade dress (publisher's logo, price, creative credits, etc.) is compact and doesn't intrude on the cover design, something Image excels in with all of their covers these days.

Issue #2 and 3 were more straightforward illustrations with no symbolism or trickery…I look forward to seeing what other cool cover ideas Hester has up his sleeve that might be worthy of a future POP Cover Of The Week.

Family Tree #4 from Image Comics is on sale February 19, 2020.

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