The POP Cover Of The Week: a clever running Parisian theme by Dave Johnson: The Butcher Of Paris #3

The Butcher Of Paris #3, Dark Horse Comics, Cover by Dave Johnson.

This week’s POP Cover Of The Week pick was chosen more for the continuing theme of the title’s covers than for the individual excellence of the cover itself, although it is certainly deserving.

The Butcher Of Paris is a mini-series based on a WWII true crime story about one of history’s most infamous serial killers racking up the body count in the confines of occupied France.

Cover artist Dave Johnson (100 Bullets) uses his formidable editorial illustration skills to design a series of covers that incorporate the distinctive shape of the most recognizable Paris icon, the Eiffel Tower.

Most of Johnson’s designs use the Eiffel Tower as a central element and shape, as with issue #3, where he cleverly uses the curves of hanging drapes bisecting the cover to suggest the famous Tower. For good measure, he adds an illustration of the Tower itself at the bottom center of the cover.

Like all the covers in the series, this POP Cover Of The Week is a black-and-white beauty, with the yellow comic title logo and the blood on the Butcher’s knife the only splashes of color to draw your eye. However, I do fault Johnson for breaking the white, yellow, red, and black palette and creating an unnecessary distraction by coloring his signature in blue.

The other clever cover designs in the series also feature reflections of the Tower, the Tower as a bloody necktie, or as another French icon, a guillotine.

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