The POP Cover Of The Week claws its way through the fourth wall: Catwoman #20

Catwoman #20, DC Comics, Cover by Joelle Jones.

This week’s POP Cover Of The Week pick is a clean and simple example of fourth-wall-breaking…that is, the comic character acknowledging she is on the cover of a comic book and tearing away at the surface of it and locking her gaze onto us, the readers.

The open areas of pure white background are eye-catching and serve as the ultimate contrast to Catwoman’s black costume. The lone type-hype on cover screams THE CLAWS ARE OUT! This makes me wonder why artist Joelle Jones decided not to make Catwoman snarl with effort and emotion. But her cool-as-a-cucumber portrait is beautifully rendered, with retro Ben Day dot effects. The tears in the cover surface are smooth, indicating razor sharp claws, a very interesting attention to physics. Most artists would have made the kneejerk decision to make jagged tears in the surface.

The trade dress (the publisher’s logo, issue number etc.) are in gray, making them recede into the background and not compete for attention on this powerful and instantly iconic POP Cover Of The Week.

Catwoman #20 from DC Comics, is on sale tomorrow, February 12, 2020.

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