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The POP Cover Of The Week is a dark homage to retro Jokermania.

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Supergirl Annual #2, Variant, DC Comics, by Jonathan Glapion and Viktor Bogdanovic.

Weird how really cool Joker and Joker-related covers keep popping up on the POP Cover Of The Week and POP Retro Cover Of The Week, isn’t it? I am not the biggest Joker fan in the world, but I cannot argue with all the excellent cover designs being produced, even if this week’s choice is eerily similar to last week’s POP Retro Cover Of The Week.

The cover of Supergirl Annual #2 by Glapion and Bogdanovic may be an homage to Superman Vol. 2 #9 from 1987, or it may be an instance of great minds thinking alike.

The infected Supergirl in her “Batman-Who-Laughs” crown-mask (where do these accoutrements come from when someone is infected? Do they just magically appear, transported instantly from the Dark Multiverse?) stands askew and backlit, the front of her body in dramatic shadow. The only highlights are her large, monstrous teeth and the S-symbol on her chest. The background is a montage of HA-HA-HAs in the Joker’s green and purple color scheme. The bat-ear spikes on her crown-mask overlap the comic cover title, adding a layer that pushes her forward off the cover towards us.

Whether it’s independent brilliance or an homage, either way, it’s hard to deny its worthiness as POP Cover Of The Week.

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