The "POP Cover Of The Week" is a Divine portrait, even obscured with words

The Wicked + The Divine #44, Cover art by Jamie McKelvie, Image Comics

"The Wicked + The Divine #44" cover art by Jamie McKelvie

Simple, beautifully illustrated and boldly colored portraits seem to be in vogue these days. One only needs to note the recent Eisner Award won by Jen Bartel for her portrait series on the covers of Blackbird.

On this POP Cover Of The Week, Jamie McKelvie gets in on the trend with a lilac-hued beauty of a cover for The Wicked + The Divine #44 from Image Comics.

The pastel color palette is soothing, her head is backlit with warm tones, her hair blowing upwards, with a selective focus around the covers edges adding a nice, extra touch.

Her expression is neutral, giving no clue to her mood or what may be found in the story. Sometimes, a cover is a pure image piece, and doesn’t represent the interior, and that’s OK. Sometimes it’s just Art For Art’s Sake.

While portrait covers can be beautiful for their illustrations alone, what makes this issue the POP Cover Of The Week is the daring placement of the comic’s title over the portrait’s entire face, and the unusual and very elegantly simple placement of the trade dress (the publisher logo, issue number, creative credits). While some people may believe that obscuring such a beautiful illustration with large words is ugly or chaotic, sometimes that very chaos can create tension and drama, and great graphic design.

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