The POP Cover Of The Week is a ghoulish mouthful: "The Goon #4"

The Goon #4, Albatross Funnybooks, Cover art by Eric Powell.

"The Goon #4" cover art by Eric Powell

Like last week’s Cover Gimmick Of The Week, this POP Cover Of The Week breaks the fourth wall in a very meta way, with the characters interacting with the trade dress itself.

The Goon #4 features Eric Powell’s zombie-killing main character The Goon, and his pal Franky trying to escape the maw of Greedy Gut, their ever-hungry, ghoulish current nemesis, as he tries to eat everything on the cover, including the comic’s logo.

Powell has been writing and illustrating The Goon’s adventures for 20 years now, and his covers are always a treat, creative compositions often fully painted, but always beautifully rendered works of art.

This cover is no exception. It makes POP Cover Of The Week for its wonderful concept illustration, for brilliantly placing the three-dimensional comic title in Greedy Gut’s mouth along with The Goon and Franky, and for its spare-as–spare-can-be trade dress. Extra points for taking the time to illustrate Greedy Gut's long hair as curlicued locks.

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