The POP Cover Of The Week is a horrific final snapshot: "The Terrifics #21"

The Terrifics #21, DC Comics, by Tony Shasteen.

"The Terrifics #21" DCeased Variant Cover art by Tony Shasteen

Halloween is next week, so it’s very appropriate that the POP Cover Of The Week is a DCeased variant cover that is literally a spooky, frightening final snapshot of someone’s life.

Tony Shasteen, an artist we don’t get to see enough of in the DC Universe these days, as he is still busy Star Trekking for IDW, uses his considerable art and color skills to depict a super-detailed close-up of an iPhone that has fallen from the hand of a man who somehow wasn’t too scared out of his wits to grab a photo of the infected, horrific Terrifics descending on him.

The details are impressive: the terrified man (Jimmy Olsen? I hope not) is reflected in Plastic Man’s goggles, the iPhone, its graphics and impact cracks are spot-on, the blood is realistically rendered in its viscosity and spatter, the deceased's fingerprints are visible on his hand, as well as on his phone, and even the cement sidewalk has impressive texture.

The simple, trade dress (comic title, publisher logo, issue number, creative credits, etc), are minus the comic title logo on this variant, giving maximum space for this POP Cover Of The Week’s scary, Halloween-y cover concept.

The Terrifics #21, from DC Comics, is on sale October 23, 2019.

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