The POP Cover Of The Week is a puzzling portrait: "Gideon Falls #17"

Gideon Falls #17, Image Comics, Andrea Sorrentino.

"Gideon Falls #17" cover art by Andrea Sorrentino.

This time for the POP Cover Of The Week, more than one cover is being recognized...that is, a series of covers for Image Comics’ Gideon Falls. While all of the covers have had creatively thoughtful designs, it’s the recurring theme of portraits-as-metaphors that is being highlighted and examined here.

From issue #1, a profile portrait of a person has been a regular subject, illustrated in a variety of ways, as an aerial view of a city, or a flock of birds, or as shown on this month’s issue, a portrait of a person in a sickness mask (also a recurring theme) as an incomplete jigsaw puzzle that reveals an underlying story.

Andrea Sorrentino’s gritty, realistic style is heightened by the masterful coloring, highlights, and shading that expertly depict the 3D-ness of the puzzle pieces.

The simple, monochromatic trade dress (comic title, publisher logo, issue number, creative credits, etc) doesn’t intrude on the illustration, allowing for quiet contemplation on the meaning of this beautiful metaphorical POP Cover Of The Week.

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