The POP Cover Of The Week is a quiet, powerful masterpiece: Batman: The Adventures Continue #1

Batman: The Adventures Continue #1, DC Comics, Cover by Dave Johnson.

Dave Johnson has always been one of my favorite artists (Superman: Red Son); he has a real talent for composition and for capturing the interior story in a single image on his covers, especially on his brilliant run on 100 Bullets.

Often, his designs include depictions of cityscapes in dynamic perspectives, as he has done on the cover of this week's debut issue of Batman: The Adventures Continue. These new stories are a direct continuation of Batman: The Animated Series from the 1990s, and are co-written by series co-creator Paul Dini. The cover design is an homage to the rooftop pose of Batman surrounded by soaring Gotham skyscrapers at the end of the opening credits sequence.

Johnson's style often shows the influence of Soviet propaganda art, using high contrast imagery, and minimal, gritty shading. This cover's design also incorporates art onto a building facade, a nod to a Will Eisner's technique. Beautifully framed by the moon, Batman looks extra-menacing with his entire face in shadow.

The uncropped, virgin version of this POP Cover Of The Week is so beautiful, I just may frame it!

The uncropped, uncluttered image is even more powerful

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