The POP Cover Of The Week is a shadowy twist on a classic cover trope: Teen Titans Annual #2.

Teen Titans Annual #2, DC Comics, Art by Bernard Chang.

A character rejecting his hero role and tossing his uniform aside is a tried and true comic book trope, a visually dramatic moment used on many covers to grab attention. It still works today, as seen in the latest dynamic example for the cover of Teen Titans Annual #2.

Presented without trade dress (comic title logo, publisher logo, issue number, etc.), the design is able to be even more powerful without all the peripheral distractions. Only the artist/colorist signatures remain, but they are small and even decorative.

Damian Wayne, the current Robin, is viewed from above, his body casting a long black shadow, within which appears the handdrawn story title I WAS ROBIN. Robin's intact costume is posed as if it were a dead body, to add to the supposed finality of Damian's act. The large Benday dots give cool retro texture to the red areas.

What may escape an initial glance at the cover is that part of the shadow is the head silhouette of Batman, artfully but impossibly appearing to the left (where is its source?). Including the Bat-shadow could merely be an example of taking artistic license with reality, or perhaps it's a reference that in this story, Batman may be in Damian's shadow for once.

Either way, it's a clever addition to this simple and powerful POP Retro Cover Of The Week.

Teen Titans Annual #2 is available April 29, 2020.

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