The POP Cover Of The Week is a Stunning Phaser: "Marauders #2"

Marauders #3, Marvel Comics, Variant cover by Jee-Hyung Lee.

This week’s choice for POP Cover Of The Week is another of those ideas that is so simple that it’s hard to believe that no one else has done it before now.

The variant of Marauders #3 by Jee-Hyung Lee features Kitty Pryde and her alien dragon companion Lockheed phasing through a pure white cover in an extremely effective 3D effect, thanks to Lee’s realistic illustration and expert use of shadows. Pryde is in her vintage X-Men uniform (which she wears in this new series), and she and Lockheed are obviously on a covert mission, as the shushing finger to her lips conveys. And, as all Kitty fans know, her phasing powers work on anything she touches, allowing Lockheed to pass through the wall along with her.

The only trade dress that appears on the white variant cover is the comic title logo and the Marvel logo, small and inobtrusively placed in the lower left corner.

The cover is purely art for the sake of art, as it gives no clues to the theme of Marauders (Captain Pryde and her “pirate” X-Men sailing the seas) or the story inside. But a striking cover is a striking cover, and is well-deserving of POP Cover Of The Week.

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