The POP Cover Of The Week is a watercolored beauty: "Fight Club 3 #6"

Fight Club 3 #6, Cover art by David Mack, Dark Horse Comics

"FightClub 3 #6" cover art by David Mack

It was only a matter of time before one of David Mack’s beautifully watercolored compositions was chosen to be featured as the POP Cover Of The Week among new releases.

Mack’s art for this month’s issue of Fight Club 3 has more of a 3D appearance that his usual cover compositions, with a realistically rendered wooden picture frame, bound together by red twine. The frame is overlapped by a strip of textured canvas or athletic wrap (an impressive technical feat of painting in itself), stained in sweat and the comic’s title written in blood. For an extra 3D effect, flies attracted to the blood overlap the Dark Horse corner box, the comic title, and even obscure the writer’s name.

The angelic figure and the background inside the wooden frame is depicted in Mack’s signature vibrant, surrealistic color gradations, her wings breaking the frame’s border and extending beyond the page edges.

I'm not sure the image tells us a lot about the interior story, but it sure is a beauty.


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