The POP Cover Of The Week is no one's business: "The No Ones #4" that is!

The No Ones #4, Cave Pictures Publishing, Cover art by Well-Bee

"The No Ones #4" cover art by Well-Bee

As followers of this feature know, small publishers have been putting out some great covers and have been chosen to be featured several times before, and this week's POP Cover Of The Week joins them, with The No Ones #4 from Cave Pictures Publishing.

The biggest thing that caught my eye as being exciting and very different about the covers of this new series, is that the issue number has been incorporated into the design as a huge background element that completely fills the cover.

The story is about a superhero group of Pretty Big Some Ones being erased from existence and becoming...The No Ones. The cover of issue #4 illustrates this in eye-catching and painful style, as the character is literally being erased, letting the color of the background issue number show through.

Next is the compact trade dress, the comic title, the publisher's logo, the issue number, etc. The bold comic title has all the necessary info tightly composed and arranged within it and around it at the top of the cover, in a way that doesn't intrude on the rest of the design and the painterly cover art.

The only gripe about the trade dress is the fact that it appears that the publishers and/or designers cannot seem to be consistent with the treatment of the comic it "The No.Ones" or "The No Ones"?

"The No Ones #4" is on sale September 25, 2019.

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