The POP Cover Of The Week is not great by chance, it was a planned roll of the die: "Die #7"

Die #7, Image Comics, Stephanie Hans.

"Die #7" cover by Stephanie Hans

Followers of this feature know that the overall design of the cover is judged for POP Cover Of The Week worthiness, the combined effectiveness and attractiveness of the illustration and the trade dress. This week's selection is an example of tossing out all past references to what comic book cover design is supposed to look like, and literally following the roll of a die.

Not only have the covers for Image Comics’ Die had some consistently beautiful illustrations, but they have also been featuring an unusual cover design that highlights the book’s title and theme of a gaming die in a very clever way.

Imagine taking a pyramid-shaped die and putting ink on each side and then rolling the die slowly with your finger across a blank page. You’d be left with a meandering trail of triangular shapes. This meandering shape has been used as a window to frame each issue’s cover illustration, and to strategically place all of the trade dress: the comic’s title letters, issue number, publisher’s logo, and creative credits. The brightness and saturation of the illustrated background is treated differently within this window for emphasis. Also, by making the brightest area of this very dark cover illustration the magical aura in her talons, the eye is immediately attracted directly to subject of this series. This has been one of the best and most eye-catching cover design templates I have seen in a while.

This issue’s illustration by Stephanie Hans is a side-view portrait of a dreadlocked woman seemingly levitating a die in her beastly talons, with tears streaking her mascara down her cheek., while a creepy three-eyed cat lurks in the background. I know nothing about the interior story, but as great covers like this one are intended to do, it makes me want to find out!

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