The "POP Cover Of The Week" is simply beautiful: "Heathen #7"

Heathen #6, Cover art by Natasha Alterici, Vault Comics

"Heathen #7" wraparound cover by Natasha Alterici

Vault Comics’ new series about a Viking warrior woman has had very elegantly simple covers so far, but this month’s version takes it to the next level.

Each issue, Heathen’s covers have featured a wraparound illustration, with the front cover trade dress (logo, publisher logo, issue number, pricing) also wrapping around to the back cover in an unusual but very appealing design. Covers don't get much cleaner-looking or simpler than this.

"Heathen #6" wraparound cover and trade dress

In the most current issue however, this design has changed, and the trade dress has been redesigned to place both the comic’s and publisher’s logos on the back cover. On the front cover, the “H” from the Heathen logo represents the comic, along with a very appropriate wood- or stone-cut font for the creators’ names and issue number.

The most striking feature of the front cover is a beautiful, weathered framing device in a Norse design. Inside the frame, the portrait of the protagonist is more vibrant in color than the rest of the wraparound illustration that falls outside the frame, highlighting her and setting her—and her mission to defeat the cruel god-king Odin—apart from the rest of the people.

The color scheme, like most of the Heathen covers so far, is very muted and cool, giving the entire cover almost a monotone feel. This week’s POP Cover Of The Week may seem like a Plain Jane to some, but I am a fan of simplicity and well-designed trade dress, a combination that makes Heathen #7 a thing of beauty to these eyes.


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