The POP Cover Of The Week: Jane Foster's Death Cloak of Many Colors on "Valkyrie #3"

Jane Foster: Valkyrie #3, Marvel Comics, Variant Cover by Stephanie Hans.

"Jane Foster Valkyrie #3" variant cover art by Stephanie Hans

For the second week in a row, the POP Cover Of The Week features art by Stephanie Hans, this time for Marvel.

Jane Foster’s new role as a Valkyrie, the female Norse warriors who select from the fallen dead and escort them to the afterlife, is illustrated in the most creative way ever on the cover of Valkyrie #3.

In the lush and vibrant cover illustration by Hans, Jane Foster’s solemn-visaged Valkyrie carries the spirits of the dead on her back like a cloak, in this case a colorfully creepy cloak. Each spirit is represented as a skull, distorted and flowing in multicolored wisps, a painterly design that is at the same time extremely attractive and beautiful as it is eerie.

Include the tightly-designed Valkyrie title logo with its rune-like letters that fit and nest together, and this is an extremely worthy POP Cover Of The Week.

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