The POP Cover Of The Week Returns! With a simple, clever Risso cover for Moonshine #18.

Moonshine #18, Image Comics, Cover by Eduardo Risso.

This week’s POP Cover Of The Week features another look at Moonshine from Image, that I reviewed earlier this year.

The creative team of writer Brian Azzarello and artist/colorist Eduardo Risso (famous for their epic 100 Bullets collab) have created a period supernatural horror comic that is both creepy and beautiful to look at, with Risso’s spare style. No line is wasted, every single one is important and necessary. It’s a lot harder to draw this way; there’s nothing to hide your mistakes. Risso’s colors are just as influential as his art, since color conveys mood so potently. Risso’s palette is muted, but effective.

Moonshine isn’t just about the illegal liquor of the title, but the extended family that produces it; they come in all supernatural shapes: voodoo witches, vampires, and werewolves.

Risso’s cover for issue #18 is brilliant in its simplicity, and subtly. The chanteuse is depicted mostly in shadow, with only her head and hand holding the retro mic in the spotlight. The muted, almost monochromatic color scheme is broken by a fuzzy crimson boa. Cleverly, the boa also serves as a dividing line between one half of herself, and the very horrific other half. The technique Risso uses to portray the fuzz on the boa cleverly helps to hide the texture of the singer’s left arm, so it’s easy to miss at first glance (especially since he has made her nude, to help with the distraction).

My only complaint about this POP Cover Of The Week is where Risso placed his artful signature; the line of the mic stand crashes into it.

P.S. Check out the addition of a stamp in the style of the old Comics Code Authority logo, proclaiming Image's return to publishing after the long break due to the pandemic.

Moonshine #18 from Image Comics is on sale Wednesday, June 17, 2020.

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