The POP Cover Of The Week turns a long title into a graphic design powerhouse

We Only Find Them When They’re Dead #6, BOOM! Studios, Cover by Simone Di Meo.

This week’s POP Cover Of The Week pick brilliantly solves a graphic design dilemma: how do you design a pleasing comic cover when the title is so damned long, it will occupy half the cover before you even decide how to fit an illustration around it?

Solution: you make that damned long title the focal point of the design, and in turn use it to symbolize your story, which is about normal sized humans “harvesting the resources from the giant corpses of alien gods found on the edge of human space.”

With each issue of this series, cover artist Simone Di Meo has been just as much an excellent graphic designer as an excellent illustrator, creating dynamic compositions that grab your eye. The towering stacks of text in forced perspective beautifully convey the immense size of the alien corpses that are being scavenged. In some instances the text is incorporated into the illustration, and interacts with it, and on every cover key elements/characters of the story are captured within the word DEAD for extra emphasis.

Add the very vibrant-yet-tasteful and well-chosen color palettes, and these POP Covers Of The Week have accomplished the difficult task of taking a lemon of long cover title and making it the strength of each cover’s design.

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