The POP Covers Of The Week feature a flock of Robins to mark his 80th Anniversary

Usually the POP Cover Of The Week features and examines one cover from each week's new releases. But this week, DC is commemorating Robin's 80th Anniversary with an oversized "Super Spectacular" issue with covers representing every decade of the Boy Wonder's publication life, including the character's many different incarnations. Each cover is COTW-worthy, so they all get featured!

Each cover's trade dress (the comic title logo, publisher's logo, and type treatments) faithfully reflects graphics used in that decade.

Robin sure knew how to make an entrance, when he burst through a circus hoop on Bob Kane's cover for Detective Comics #38 in 1940. Jim Lee pays homage to that classic cover, although he has drawn Robin flashing a handsign that wouldn't exist for a few more decades.

1940s Variant Cover art by Jim Lee and Scott Williams

In the 1950s variant, note the cool costume details, including eyelets for the lace-up vest and boots, scales on his trunks, and high-and-tight haircut. Batman's costume strongly resembles the one worn in the movie serials.

1950s Variant cover art by Julian Totino Tedesco.

Dustin Nguyen's variant reflects the day-glo, pop art movement of the 1960s, highlighted in the Batman TV series, represented by a glimpse of the show's iconic Batmobile. There's even an appearance by the Comics Code Authority stamp.

1960s Variant cover art by Dustin Nguyen

Robin gets his own signal on the 1980s variant.

1970s Variant Cover art by Kaare Andrews

The 1980s variant features Carrie Kelly, Frank MIller's alternate future version of Robin, in a cover homage to the Dark Knight Returns #1. Where's her famous slingshot?

1980s Variant Cover art by Frank Miller

The 1990s variant features new Robin Tim Drake and his signature battle staff.

1990s variant Cover art by Jim Cheung

The 2000s variant features the tragically short-lived Robin, Stephanie Brown.

2000s Variant Cover art by Derrick Chew

The 2010s variant is a collection of all the Robins, including Jason Todd, and the current Robin, Damian Wayne, son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul. THERE'S Carrie's slingshot!

2010s Variant Cover art by Yasmine Putri

The main cover art by Lee Weeks uses a graphic technique known as the Fadeaway, examined in a POP COMICS ART article you can read here.

Main cover art by Lee Weeks

Robin 80th Anniversary, a 100-page Super Spectacular from DC Comics, is available Wednesday, March 18, 2020.

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