The powerful conclusion to "Killadelphia: Sins of the Father" hits stores this week

Writer: Rodney Barnes, Art: Jason Shawn Alexander, Color: Luis NCT, Lettering: Marshall Dillon, Editor: Greg Tumbarello.

Cover Art by Jason Shawn Alexander

I wasn't ready for the finale, but here it is. A number of important questions come to mind when realizing this will be the final part to Sins of the Father. Did John Adams truly believe he would be able to achieve democracy across a globe occupied by vampires? What exactly are the abilities that Tevin Thompkins now has thanks to the old magic book? What will it take to end Adams and the monstrosities who serve him? Will James Sangster come to terms with what he now is or will he take away the choice from fate? Some of these questions are answered in this 6th installment, and this is the only problem I have with the series overall.

From the first page, writer Rodney Barnes makes it clear that James Sangster has found himself in a situation he was never expecting. It has caused him to not just rethink the life he lived and the beliefs he once held, but to acknowledge the great albatross they have become, which he must now carry. Like James said in the previous issue, "this body has become a prison, and my soul, its inmate." Reflecting on James' reaction to his new state of being, what he ultimately plans to do runs parallel with the decisiveness and rigidity he once lived by as a father/detective in life.

Barnes has done a great job of bringing James to life in this story. There is a genuine effort made on his part to shine a light on the humanity and heart of the characters we meet. We can feel their pain, anger, despair, and frustrations. At times, when the heart truly beats, we can feel their love as well. You definitely experience that in Part VI. Artist Jason Shawn Alexander crafts a poignantly appropriate, one page image that encompasses this, come the end. If you've been following the series, it is emotional and would be compounded with gravitas if you take the time to reread the series from the beginning before getting to Part VI. This is a non-spoiler review so I do not want to give anything away for this finale save to say Killadelphia has been one hell of a ride, pun intended, and I look forward to seeing what comes next.

Killadelphia Sins of the Father Part VI is published by Image Comics and is available on June 10, 2020.

Image Comics and Rodney Barnes will be doing us a favor of putting all 6 parts into one collected edition titled Killadelphia: Sins of the Father Volume I that will be available for purchase in July.

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