The Retro Cover Of The Week: Bullets & Bracelets by Bolland, on "Wonder Woman #0" from 1994.

Wonder Woman, Vol 2, #0, 1994, DC Comics, Cover by Brian Bolland.

The POP Retro Cover Of The Week continues its examination and celebration of iconic comic covers from the 1970s through the 2000s, this week returning to the 1990s, a decade when all comics had left pulpy paper and primitive printing techniques behind, and regular issues cost $1.00-$1.95.

Arriving illogically between issue #90 and #91, Wonder Woman Vol 2, #0 was far from the first iconic cover that artist Brian Bolland produced during his run that began with issue #63, but it is one of my favorites.

Bolland succeeded original Volume 2 cover artist George Perez, and chose to continue depicting Wonder Woman as having very wavy hair with a ton of curls. But unlike Perez, Bolland didn’t hesitate to muss up her hair and show it looking less than perfect if the situation called for it. That simple act added another dose of realism to Bolland’s covers, always meticulously detailed and rendered in his clean, precise, and etched inking style.

What makes this cover a favorite is the simplicity of it: a close-up view of WW deflecting bullets off her bracelets, with a fierce look on her face; I always appreciated Bolland’s willingness to forego the usual static beauty pose and go for the “Warrior Face.”

Her arm overlaps the comic title logo, making the logo look like it is far in the background, and her arm to be extending off the cover and out into “our” space. One of the deflected bullets also appears to be heading outwards toward the viewer.

The trade dress (comic title logo, publisher's logo, issue number, price, creative credits, etc.) is blessedly compartmentalized to the top of the cover. The absence of a sound effect or a word balloon adds to the simple power of this cover. Only the bothersome-but-required UPC code box intrudes.

I am certain when the POP Retro Cover Of The Week rotates around back to the 1990s again, that another Wonder Woman cover by Bolland cover will be considered, or perhaps an Adam Hughes cover from his late 1990s run!

Next week: A Cover from the 2000s!

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