The sci-fi action & fun, with wonderful art & colors continues in Lemire & Nguyen's "Ascender #4"

Ascender #4 by Jeff Lemire (Writing), Dustin Nguyen (Art), Steve Wands (Lettering and Design).

"Ascender #4" Cover

Ascender #4 continues the action of the last couple of issues, as we venture with Mila, her father, and Bandit the trusty side-kick robot dog to get off-world, all while being pursued by Mother's legion of soldiers. Meanwhile, we learn that the resistance may have a few tricks up their sleeve in the fight against Mother and her despotism.

I'm enjoying this series. It's fun, adventurous, and Nguyen's beautiful watercolors are unlike most books on the stands. I do, however, feel that this book will play out much better in trade form. Lemire is an artful storyteller, no doubt, but more so in long form. There are quite a few stories going on in this issue, and in the series in general, and they all pick up from the previous series (Descender.) As a six issue trade paperback, I feel like the action-packed, heartfelt story being told will not only flow better, but there will be a cohesion between all of the simultaneous stories going on.

As always, Nguyen's masterful watercolors are the highlight of the book. In some instances, I had to stop reading just to take it in. The great juxtaposition of simplicity and nuance is apparent throughout the books 20+ pages in Nguyen's beautifully rendered images. From cliffs to the ocean, flying sea turtles to other-worldly beings, the art in Ascender is worth the cover price.

Like I said, this is a great series; it just may play out better once it's all together in trade paperbacks. Whether you should wait for that is up to you. I certainly enjoy reading anything by Lemire, and being able to scan over Nguyen's pages is definitely worth picking up each single issue.

Available in shops Wednesday, July 24, 2019.

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