The Silver Coin # 13 ADVANCE REVIEW: uncertain futures seem optimistically bleak after this issue

Writer: Johnnie Christmas; Linework & Lettering: Michael Walsh; Colors: Toni Marie Griffin & Michael Walsh; Edits: Chris Hampton.

The Silver Coin series from Image Comics has a talent for churning out carnage, each issue a slice of human indecency laid bare. The coin falls through time, and our privilege as readers is to bear witness as the the innermost darkness of humanity is drawn forth in corruption and viscera — seemingly without rhyme or reason. However, the coin's ambitions — and it does have ambitions — become much clearer this week. The Silver Coin #13 delivers the usual delights of Walsh's lines and lettering — with Griffin's colors never to be excluded from praise — but truly stands apart with Christmas's robust, if even abstract, writing.

Christmas's writing seems both abstract and fragmented until unifying in a delightful and narratively impactful punch to the face. Y2K looms in the background of this issue, informing a lot of the general themes concerning uncertain futures. Christmas is a perfect writer for the series, as it begins stretching its roots and expanding its lore, his frantic energy the perfect fertilizer. The uncertainty and fear is mirrored by the story hopping back and forth in time, each glance showing a bleaker and bleaker world that proves the inevitability we already know: The Silver Coin is not hurtling towards a happy ending.

Walsh and Griffin, as per usual, deliver a consistency of excellence. The world of this series has a familiar look, and balances the revolving door of writers with a solid visual foundation. Each issue of this series banks on a slow building of tension — unified colors and standard visuals — that ultimately erupts in blood, guts, and all manner of innards. This is tried and true, though this issue features some next-level visuals that will . . . linger for awhile.

The Silver Coin #13 is a nexus for the series that promises futures in abundance, with a bigger intention seemingly addressed for the coin's constant wandering. If you have read my past reviews then you know that I adore this series, and this issue deviates very little from that pattern. Johnnie Christmas brings a less-than-straightforward narrative approach that makes me look forward to checking out his work on Tartarus, also from Image Comics. While you're at it, give a gander to a new favorite of mine, The Closet, from James Tynion IV.

I bestow 4 out of 5 POPs to The Silver Coin #13! Though phenomenal, its lingering on familiar styles becomes tedious and could be enlivened with a quicker pacing, though this is entirely opinionated.

Check out The Silver Coin #13 this Wednesday, August 17th, at YOUR LOCAL COMIC BOOK SHOP (!!!) or at the Image Comics website here!


Austin Kemp read Batman #315 (Batman vs Kite Man) when he was 5 years old, and hasn't stopped reading comics since. Austin is a college writing teacher and has a masters degree in Comics Studies. Austin and his partner, Savanah, live in Massachusetts with their master, a cat named Chaplin.

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