The situation gets Flerken ridiculous in "Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #2"

Writer: Sam Maggs, Art: Sweeney Boo, Colors: Brittany Peer, Design & Letters: Christa Miesner, Cover: Sweeney Boo, RI Cover: Brianna Garcia.

Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #2 picks up right where it left off in the premiere. Bound tightly by Flerken tentacles, Captain Marvel must find her way out of this jam after having been eaten whole by a Flerken. The mystery still abounds as to why the Flerkens have invaded Earth as well as why there are so many of them in the first place. After all, they’re supposed to be on the verge of extinction. The Captain is able to blast her way through the slimy tentacle maze until she is tossed out into a Flerken base of some kind. From here, the mystery only grows and the story really pulls you in.

"Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #2" interior art

Writer Sam Maggs goes the extra mile to flesh out Carol’s and Jess’s friendship through the former’s thoughts. After Carol was so adamant in the premiere about not needing any help and being able to take care of herself without needing Jess to tag along, it was nice to see her quickly realize she was wrong. Not just because she was eaten by a Flerken, but because she knows her best friend so well, that she can imagine how she would react in the Flerken ridiculous situation. Carol genuinely wishes Jess was there by her side. I’m sure it can be exhausting to some when it feels like the message of “friendship” is being shoved down your throat, but this isn’t what’s taking place. Maggs makes sure to present the value of friendship as a gentle reminder in the way one would suddenly think about a loved one when venturing out alone. It’s nicely done.

Reminiscing aside, this second issue has pumped up in the action category. Captain Marvel zooms, shoots and punches her way through. As someone whose first true introduction to this hero was the 2019 film Captain Marvel, it has been fun to get a new perspective on who Carol Danvers can be. I respect the MCU Carol, but Maggs’ Carol has got way more spunk. You see this not only in her dialogue and thinking, but also in her facial features, which artist Sweeney Boo puts great effort and detail into. Even if the panel has a small side profile of Carol, you feel and know what her emotion is. This is a confident Carol who is not afraid to let her guard down just enough to seem mildly vulnerable. I also have to give a shout out to colorist Brittany Peer. The colors are so vibrant that they truly appear to glow during the action sequences.

Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #2 is published by IDW and is on sale September 18, 2019.

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