"The Superior Spider-Man #7" is Marvel's superior Spider-book!

The Die is Cast!

"The Superior Spider-Man #7" Cover A

This Spider-Man truly is the Superior one in print!

Christos Gage is a masterful storyteller, and with his gratuitous cast (Yes Gwenpool, you were right, it is gratuitous for a tie-in) he gives probably my favorite of the War of the Realms tie-ins. Lan Medina does a great job as well of drawing such an intense array of characters as well.

I'm almost at a loss of words for how wonderful this tie-in was. It was humorous and action-packed.

While there was an insane amount going on throughout the book, between the dialogue and the character movements, it was such a smooth transition from each panel, and each page to the next.

With this issue alone, I could see Otto's Superior Spider-Man as a member of the West Coast Avengers, as he adds a quirky old school dialogue to the much younger and flamboyant team members currently comprise it.

With Gage writing West Coast Avengers, I could see it ballooning in success!

Well, while this issue may not have much impact and fade into obscurity like the other 99% of tie-ins (Gwen, stooooop.), it was quite the fun read, and I highly recommend it to anyone into Spider-Man tales, or reading the "War of the Realms" series.

Bear in mind, the title doesn't have an excessive print run, and there was only one cover— it was sold out at my Local Comic Shop by the next day— so grab your copy quick!

Thanks for reading, POPpin people!

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