"The White Trees #1"- A Chip off the old block

The White Trees #1

Chip Zdarsky (Writer), Kris Anka (Art.)

Chip Zdarsky rarely fails to impress with his writing. Be it with POPular Characters like Daredevil or Spider-Man, or indie titles like this one, The White Trees, Zdarsky often pulls together a great yarn and fleshes out characters in a way that people do not often see coming.

The White Trees #1

The White Trees is a bit different from Zdarsky's typical work in the indie circuit, where he often shines as an artist (ie. Sex Criminals). This go-around, we have him behind the script for an adventure story not quite like many others.

The story reads in quite a peculiar way which will suit a variety of readers, with nice blocks of dialogue followed by panels of a story told through art, rather than words. This technique falls in line with the main character's stoicism throughout the story, and greatly develops the sense of purpose, drive, and almost counter-intuitively, peace within himself about the journey he embarks on with his former compatriots.

The supporting cast is great as well. Given enough depth to have the duo not only push the story forward, but also give greater insight into our MC as well, through humor and criticism, Zdarsky has a great skeleton for the White Trees to grow on.

The White Trees does its job of hooking you by putting some meat on those bones via Kris Anka's stellar linework. Anka does a killer job of bringing to life these fantasy heroes and monsters and... spirits? I already want to know more about these things that the duo have brought to life in print! If the cover art isn't enough to give you hope for an awesomely drawn story, spoiler alert, Anka draws a killer dragon. Yes. A DRAGON.

Dragons. Orgies. Adventure. The White Trees has it all! C'mon! It's Chip Zdarsky on an Image book. It wouldn't be a Zdarsky book without some hotness to it, would it? But in all seriousness, you may not want to crack this one open in public due to its graphic nature

The White Trees certainly POPs, and by the end of it I was just a bit disappointed that it's going to be a VERY limited series.

The White Trees is available at your favorite Comic Shops as of 8/14/19, so be sure to give it a read!

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