There’s no stopping the Justice Society in an all-new, intense “Stargirl:” “Shiv, Part Two”

Pat and an injured Courtney at the hospital

The drama is truly building up on Stargirl after the events of last week’s episode, "Shiv, Part One." Thankfully, Stargirl was saved from Shiv’s deadly assault at the homecoming game by Justin, the high school’s mysterious janitor. Considering the name and sword he wielded, he is likely Sir Justin, the Shining Knight. Not an extremely well known DC character from the Golden Age of Comics, but show creator Geoff Johns did have a Shining Knight in his Modern Age Stargirl crossover comic series. He and Shiv ran off, leaving an unconscious Stargirl on the ground for Pat to find. How does a step-father make sense of his superhero step-daughter’s injuries to her mother? Why, by claiming it was all from an accident of course, which he stages in order to reduce suspicion.

Courtney and the Cosmic Staff

Last week Pat made it clear that Barbara needs to know the truth, but if that happens Courtney knows her mother will put an end to her cosmic staff-wielding days. She begs Pat to not reveal the truth and this argument is repeated once again here after Courtney’s battle. It appears as though Pat relents, for now. Barbara has her own storyline now, as her work at the American Dream development leads to a business opportunity where she must travel out of town with Jordan Mahkent, aka Icicle. We see what develops from this event in the episode. There’s also another family member, Pat’s son Mike, who is furrowing eyebrows in the direction of Pat and Courtney, and will need to know the truth soon. For the moment, he’s jealous of Courtney, believing she’s made a real father-daughter relationship with his father, rather than dealing with her issues on her own.

Dragon King and Shiv in his lair

Cindy Burman faces serious consequences for donning the Shiv costume without her father Dragon King’s consent. Despite her fearlessness, Cindy appears to only be in genuine fear of him when he threatens to take off his mask if she disobeys him further. Regardless, Cindy has gotten a taste of the ISA’s work and she’s hungry for more, choosing to not let go of her encounter with Stargirl. She takes things further in Part Two while the rest of the JSA try to do something in order to help their injured leader. The plan they come up with isn’t great and leads to a careless risk that puts them all in danger. The episode ends with a jaw-dropping confrontation and powerhouse levels of action.

So many questions remain unanswered until next week’s episode. Right now, Geoff Johns and the show writers are doing a great job in making the series a standalone star. There is no doubt the story will just get more intense from here.

New episodes of Stargirl stream Sunday nights at 12a.m. EDT on DC Universe and air Tuesdays at 8p.m. EDT on The CW. Episodes can also be seen on in the U.S. shortly after they air.

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