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Things start to come together. Maybe. I think... in Decorum #6 ADVANCE REVIEW

Decorum Issue 6 Cover 1. Published by Image Comics

Decorum Issue 6. Words by Jonathan Hickman, Art by Mike Huddleston, Letters by Rus Wooton, Designs by Sasha E Head.

Okay, I know I've said this before, but this time I think it's true. We're six issues into Hickman's mindbending tale of assassins with perfect manners, and I have the distinct impression that I kind of understand what's happening now. More or less.

Egg/No Egg.

It seems that our odd futuristic egg-obsessed friends are in fact NOT from some further future, beyond Neha and Co. They're just cosmic neighbours, from the next universe across. They're still hunting for the mysterious egg that has proven so elusive, though.

But, now they have a brilliant plan to fix that. They've decided that instead of trying and failing to find it themselves, they're going to bring in some outside assistance.

And you'll NEVER guess who they've hired:

Yup! Worlds collide, as the creepy alien types hire the awesome murdery types to track down the egg for them.

And with the price they're offering, it's save to say the Sisterhood of Man are committed to success!

But with the stakes higher than they've ever been, things may not play out quite how Neha was expecting...

I don't think it's really a secret to anyone who reads my Decorum Advance Reviews that I love this series. Hickman's ability to balance the psychedelic oddity of the Egg Hunters, with the grounded ultra-violence of the Sisterhood of Man has always been very interesting to read. And now, we finally get to see the two stories interact, and it's better than I ever could have hoped.

Ma, head of the Sisterhood, continues to be hilariously foul-mouthed. The perfect counter-balance to Imogen's cool propriety. The negotiations over the Sisterhood's fee for this mission were a particular favourite of mine, with Ma making me laugh out loud at least three times. Rude, crude, but undoubtedly hilarious. Just what the series needs!

Speaking of, Imogen continues to slowly warm up. Her interactions with Neha this chapter showing just how much she's thawed from the glacial murderess we saw at the series start.

But, as the series turns towards it's impending climax, we see some of that ice resurface; as the mission's parameters cause a little friction between our two leads.

All of this, combined with some backstory for them both, to show just how much is at stake, leads me to believe that we just might have a heartbreaking confrontation, before this series is over.

And I've got to say, I'm not ready for that. At all.

Overall, Decorum #6 manages to perfectly balance the outlandish and grounded elements that have made this series so intriguing. Furthering the series core plot, teasing some big things to come, and setting us up for what promises to be a legendary climax.

Hickman continues to be one of the most imaginative and unpredictable writers working in comics today. Going from high concept sci-fi to almost Carry-on levels of dirty humour, sometimes on the same page. It's not a task many writers could pull off, but Hickman manages to do it, do it well, and do it so organically that it feels like the two styles were always meant to be together.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I could probably write at least a thousand words on how amazing Huddleston's art has been in this series. While each arc has had its own distinct style, he managed to blend them so effortlessly in this issue, so I think the easiest thing to do is let the man's work speak for himself:

I couldn't have said it better myself.

If you want to pick up Decorum #6 from Image Comics (and you REALLY do), you can do so from all good comic retailers from December 16th, and at comixology.com.

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