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This Adams 1972 Retro Cover Classic wraparound salutes DC's flying heroes from Golden Age to Bronze

Superman #252, 1972, DC Comics, Cover by Neal Adams.

The POP Retro Cover Classic continues its celebration and examination of iconic comic covers from the 1960s through the 2000s, this week returning to the Seventies, a decade when readers still bought comics on squeaky spinner racks, and DC created 100-Page Super Spectaculars with awe-inspiring wraparound covers, and filled with reprints from the Golden Age.

Whether these giant reprint editions were planned issues sprinkled amid a comic’s regular run of stories, or they were a last-minute cobbling together made necessary when a deadline was going to be missed is uncertain, but 100 pages for 50 cents was a Super-bargain, and introduced a generation of readers to the wonders of the Golden Age of Comics.

Superman #252 featured a theme that collected stories about DC’s flying heroes, from the Golden Age's Kid Eternity to the Bronze Age's Red Racer from the New Gods, giving the spotlight of course to the first and greatest flying hero of them all (even if he didn’t/couldn’t fly at first).

This layout of a sky-full of flying heroes by the late great Neal Adams has been imitated time and again, but none have had the gravitas and visual POW! that this beautiful wraparound cover from 1972 did. His GIGANTIC flying pose of Superman was so instantly bold and iconic, it was also used above the Superman masthead for nearly two years after.

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