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This POP Retro Cover Classic is a snake-charming Mucha homage by Adam Hughes: Voodoo #3 from 1997.

Voodoo #3, 1997, Image Comics, Cover by Adam Hughes.

The POP Retro Cover Classic continues its examination and celebration of iconic comic covers from the 1960s through the 2000s, this time returning to the Nineties, the decade when Image Comics joined the publishing industry and created a ton of new characters and titles.

One of the most popular Image series was WildC.A.T.s, a Covert Action Team composed of members with metahuman abilities. Debuting in 1992, the team’s main mission was to battle alien Daemonites invading Earth and possessing the bodies of humans. Voodoo was half-Daemonite herself, giving her some shapeshifting abilities, and “Sight,” the ability to sniff out Daemonite-possessed individuals and free them from their alien invaders.

Voodoo is also an exotic dancer when not hunting aliens, and her WildC.A.T. uniforms reflected her personality and exposed her body in sometimes ludicrous and impractical ways. Her ever-changing green body tattoos were also expressions of her artistic side, and perhaps manifestations of her Daemonite shapeshifting abilities.

All these traits made her a natural for a cheesecake master like Adam Hughes. Voodoo got her own self-titled, Alan Moore-written miniseries in 1997, and Hughes did three of the four covers, all four cohesively designed in a style that was inspired by the Art Nouveau cheesecake master, Alphonse Mucha (MOO-kuh). The organic, wavy lined framing devices, the color palettes, the Art Nouveau fonts, all pay homage to Mucha. Click here to see our COMICS HISTORY article on how Mucha still inspires comic book artists today.

Mucha's art from the 1890s still inspires comic book artists today.

Hughes used a common Art Nouveau/Mucha framing device, a circle with symmetrical accessories, featuring flora and fauna, celestial objects, and even a few skulls for some foreshadowing. In this scene, Hughes cleverly depicts all of Voodoo’s green reptile body art has flowed off of her body and into her hands as real snakes.

In true Mucha style, this POP Retro Cover Classic would make an excellent poster!

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