Time passes differently in this colourful new world, in Deep Beyond #6 ADVANCE REVIEW

Writers: Miaka Andolfo and David Goy, Artist: Andrea Broccardo, Colourist: Barbara Nosenzo.

Still imprisoned in this alternate world, the team of scientists (who are trying to save the world from a millennium bug) try to adjust to the idea that they can’t go back home due to the effect of time. Nathalie has been in this new world for months, despite her only being seconds ahead of everyone else. This is where the realisation hits that Pam traveled here about 12 hours ago. They get confirmation that she unfortunately passed centuries ago. As they try to adjust to the news, things start to manifest, showing that in her time there, Pam helped many, and foretold the hero to come, that is. . . Paul Bailey.

We are now halfway through this sci-fi/horror series, and it’s definitely changed direction a few times since the first issue. I thought it was going to be a rescue book, based on the apocalypse-type scenario that the world is underwater. Then we changed into a more Stargate type series, where other worlds were brought in, but we still had the rescue mission. Now we have lost the rescue part and are potentially looking at a world-saving series. With all of these shifts in the narrative structure, it’s been hard to keep up with it. Although I do still believe the original concept of the world's air becoming toxic it has forced people to live under domes in the oceans. Such an incredible concept that you could develop so much out of. Unfortunately so far I don't think the script has been as good as the concept, although still enjoyable.

In regards to the script, this issue we get to see how malicious President Eve can be, but we also get more of a family connection, making her more grounded. These are both seen in the way that Eve tells Nathalie that once the team cross through the portal, they cannot come back under any circumstances. This shows how evil she can be, which is only added to that by the fact that Nathalie is actually her daughter. It also seems like they have been planning the events that have transpired for a while now, down to Paul being kidnapped by Jolene.

The world building is still incredible, I love the underwater parts to the book but the inter-dimensional aspects are also fun in terms of different cultures. I especially liked the way that time is represented through the portal.

There are some great parts to the story, and as I’ve said in previous reviews, some of the artwork on display is stunning. I loved the underwater panels as they were so action-packed. Shown above is a skyline view of the other world. This is incredible, nothing moving, not an action scene but more of a spectacle to show how neat and well crafted their world is. It’s an exceptional job by Andrea Broccardo for some amazing artwork, and Barbara Nosenzo for the colours. Although the panel is mostly blue, it’s still able to show off depth of field which is why I loved this as a double-page spread. It felt like, not just showing off how good the art was, but also a reward for the readers to give such a stunning piece centre stage instead of breaking it up.

Overall, we are now halfway through and it’s not the same series that I thought it was starting off. Despite that, I’m still enjoying it and would recommend it to people despite not being able to tie down what kind of series it is just yet.

Deep Beyond issue 6 will be released from Image Comics on 7th July from your Local Comic Shop as well as comixology

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