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POP'n Picks of the Week: 7/17/19

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

In our weekly installment of the POP'n Picks Of The Week, we like to review some of the biggest trending books that are showing increased interest and value. This could range from trends based on reader hype, to price balloons, to other anomalies in the collector world that have caught the attention of collectors on the net.

Captain Marvel #8

"Captain Marvel #8" Cover A by Amanda Conner

This is an easy one. A full First Appearance is usually a solid POP, especially if it's a new hero's. Most people had been ordering Captain Marvel #9 due to the solicitations featuring the new Star Character quite heavily. If you haven't noticed the current trend, it's typically a safe bet to add the issue before and after as well, as they tend to either have a cameo, or first full appearance (unless it's The Amazing Spider-Man as of late) that drives FOMO crazy on books like these. My bet is that the new character isn't what they appear to be, based on the way the story is told. I'm expecting a Captain Marvel villain and a subsequent drop in price coming in the near future.

Reaver #1

"Reaver #1" Cover A

What's a better grab than the latest Image #1? If you haven't caught on to the trend, a solid 50% (purely a very rough approximation with no real basis aside from the constant news) of Image titles are getting the potential for some screen time. The POP really comes when titles like Reaver #1, Die #1, and Middlewest #1 have an initial spike in value, and subsequently get the movie option treatment by a major production company. While certain stores have LOADS on the shelves, other areas like mine ordered no more than a few copies at best, and the area is dry. This is one to grab and sit on a while.

The Walking Dead #193 - Cover A/SDCC Cover

"The Walking Dead #193" SDCC Exclusive cover

It's been over going on a couple weeks now. But as The Walking Dead has shown us: Do the Dead really stay Dead? The answer on this "finished" title is a hard NO. Skybound released a special SDCC variant of the cover that flew out of the booth and their online site for their Insiders that is fetching prices akin to the main covers. Retitled "The End", I'm not so sure this is accurate, as a rumor is circulating about a potential new Walking Dead universe book starting in the future. If it does, we may see yet another POP for this book, but just like for the heroes of The Walking Dead, the future is uncertain on that end.

Runners Up:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #95

Marvel Comics Presents #6

These first appearance market price blow ups are INSANE.

Luckily the Turtles book is an easy grab at around $20 a copy, but dear lord, the MCP #6 is staying steady at nearly $40-50 a pop.

Hopefully once the second prints drop for each respective title they'll be much more obtainable for the casual fan, but regardless, if you just want a copy to have, a second print is not a subpar alternative. They feature some pretty decent cover art, with turtles supposedly even having a preview of the first full appearance of our new turtle prior to the new issue coming out.

The Turtles cover to really be on the lookout for however is the SDCC cover- featuring the "first" scene smack dab on the cover.

"TMNT #95" SDCC cover

Happy Hunting!

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