Tour the City of Bane in "Batman #75"

Batman #75 is another chapter of Tom King goodness as his Batman arc of now #75 issues sets up for a (hopefully) climactic end.

"Batman #75" Cover A

With the news of King leaving Batman in the near future, we're likely to see some finality to his (currently) 75-issue arc by late this year or early next year, and this issue lays the final groundwork for that.

While King's readership has dropped significantly, it may be due to his story being as wide as it is; each arc is intertwined and essential for the next. From the introduction of the Gotham duo in the first issues, to the evolution of his relationship with Catwoman, to his encounters with Bane and Flashpoint Batman, all were essential building blocks to get where we are now.

Thankfully this issue doesn't contain any of the 9 square panel storytelling that (for me) has become a bit overused. After Mister Miracle (it worked perfectly, especially during the "fuzz" sequences) and Heroes in Crisis (great for character exposition) it was used again, primarily in action sequences that felt forced, and its omission in this monumental issue did #75 some justice.

The jolt/fast-forward into the future at the start of the book was just that, a bit jarring, however it is easy to get into the pace of things. There's a new status quo in Gotham with Bane behind it all, and we're primed for Batman to have his epic comeback.

King even works in the Year of the Villain/Apex Lex story quite seamlessly, which was a nice addition, whether you've kept up with it or not.

As always, Tony S. Daniel's artwork is stellar, and whether you love or hate King's storytelling, should be enough reason for you to pick up Batman #75 alone.

Mitch Gerad's pencils also work seamlessly with Daniel's, and King's story was so captivating that I hadn't even noticed the shifts between the two superstar artists!

In short, even if you've been outright bored with King's Batman, issue #75 is a nice point to hop back on the Bat-train and at the very least, prepare for the end of a 3 year long run.

3 Covers for this one, with a hefty price tag of 4.99 (it's oversized, but still.) Choose your favorites: Standard, Limited Dress/Cardstock (5.99!!), or Blank, and enjoy the read!

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