TV REVIEW: An emotional SEASON FINALE on "The Flash" S5E22 “Legacy”

The final scene of last week’s episode was a freeze-frame of The Flash (Barry Allen) firing a weapon to destroy Cicada II’s dark matter dagger, just as Ralph (Elongated Man) put all the pieces of the dagger’s mystery together and tried to stop him from pulling the trigger. Ralph deduced that the dagger was part of Thawne’s (Reverse Flash) complicated master plan to escape execution on death row 20 years in the future.

Will the Negative Speed Force destroy Nora?

In this season’s emotion-filled finale, Ralph manages to stop Barry, but with dire consequences. Meanwhile, Cicada Deuce (Cisco’s Nickname of the Week for her) sneaks in and reacquires her dagger. However, she left behind a literal sliver of a clue, allowing Team Flash to track her hideout’s location. Will their complex plan of attack stop her? Will they be able to find and destroy the dagger and defeat Thawne? Can they do both or will they have to choose?

Nora (XS, pronounced Excess), Barry and Iris’ daughter from the future, continues to be a focus of this season’s family-based storylines, and she again plays a critical role in the fight against Cicada II and Thawne. Jessica Parker Kennedy was perfectly cast as the daughter of Barry and Iris, both in her physical resemblance to the actors who play her parents, and in her superb acting skills. She has played crazed, funny, angry, sad, and happy equally well and in entertaining ways. Nora travelling to the past to spend time with the father she never knew, and mending fences with her mother has been heartwarming. However, her main mission in the past was to try to change the events leading to her father's disappearance in a documented future "Crisis". It remains to be seen whether she succeeded.

Will this be the last run together for father and daughter?

Tom Cavanagh has been living an actor’s dream the last few seasons, playing multiple roles: Thawne, and many different multiverse versions of Harrison Wells, including this season’s delightfully funny and occasionally rude French detective, Sherloque. He has been allowed to ham it up in some of these Wells versions, while others, like Sherloque, have been very dramatic and emotionally moving.

The relationship between Cisco and his new flame Camilla continues to blossom, but now he is struggling whether to reveal to her his metahuman abilities. His struggle leads to a life-changing decision.

The Flash’s SFX this season have gotten even better, and this episode includes spectacular effects like bizarre medical conditions, energy blasts, lots of speed lightning, and an Infinity War-like demise.

The spectacular CGI and SFX on "The Flash" get better each season.

Arrow was not the only CW hero show to end its season with a heartbreaker of an episode. Be prepared to be moved to tears, both in sadness and in joy.

What's in store for The Flash and the rest of the "Arrowverse" next season? Thawne winked at Barry and said, "See you in the next Crisis." Hmmm...


• “Baby Giraffe” growing up as a detective

• a farewell to several characters/personas

• a promotion for a regular character

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