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TV REVIEW: "Arrow" S7 E20 “Confessions”

The members of the now legally-sanctioned Team Arrow are being individually interrogated by the Star City Police Department, in connection with the deaths of two SCPD officers during a terrorism attempt by Emiko and The Ninth Circle. All signs point to someone on Team Arrow beating the officers to death.

Stephen Amell as Green Arrow fights the Ninth Circle

This week’s episode is formatted as a classic police interrogation room drama, with each suspect recounting their version of the events. People are pretty divided on this type of episode: you either love it or hate it, mostly because this format can be visually boring in the hands of an unimaginative film crew. Fortunately, Arrow always features the camera staying in motion, and even circling the room, maintaining visual interest. To keep things interesting, each character’s flashback is also full of the excellently-choreographed fighting scenes Arrow is famous for. Oliver’s (Green Arrow) battle with a Ninth Circle ninja is especially exciting, with Oliver using the ninja’s own double-ended shockstick against him.

As usual, interrogation episodes like this usually have a big twist, and this one is no exception.

It’s no secret from readers of POP’s Arrow reviews that this writer is a big Felicity fan. Is it just me, or is Emily Bett Rickards talkingevenfasterthanusual? Maybe it’s pregnancy hormones…or maybe she’s racing to the end of the season? There's only two episodes left to appreciate her performances.

Ho-hum…yet another tense face-off between Oliver and his recently-revealed, long-lost half-sister Emiko. Hopefully the events of this episode will close the book on his attempts to turn her from the Dark Side. Even hardcore Arrow fans like me are getting tired of this repeated subplot.


• the recruitment of an old friend with a dark secret

• Felicity's crazy food cravings

• Serious fight skills from Ninth Circle’s “Irish Guy With No Name”

• a Matrix “bullet-time” homage

• a cliffhanger ending

Arrow airs Mondays on The CW.

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