TV REVIEW: "Arrow" S7E18 “Lost Canary”

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

In this very, very Canary episode, the writers felt the need to rehash the “Let’s save Earth-2 Laurel from herself” plot yet again. After Laurel backslides into a life of crime as Black Siren by teaming up with her old Diaz gang pal Shadow Thief, the all-women-on-deck intervention was just the first half of a heavyhanded “All us women gotta help each other” theme. Girl-power was also was the focus of the continuing flash-forward adventures of the Team Arrow offspring and Dinah's Canaries, 20 years in the future, but nothing else interesting happens there.

Redemption was also a theme this week, with Oliver/Green Arrow (shown for less than two minutes in this episode) in a token subplot about trying to find and help his sister Emiko. This season’s “I have a sister I never knew about” soap opera trope has been a cliché and a real yawner. Cue eyeroll.

But, all that said, there were still things to be interested in. I found I was savoring every second of Emily Bett Rickards’ screen time as Felicity Smoak, knowing she will not be a part of Arrow’s final season. The absence of her witty banter, sparkling personality, and skills as Team Arrow’s tech-genius will be a gaping hole in every episode.

I also continued to appreciate the extra effort to create clever visual scene transitions between present and future, focusing on an object or shape to communicate the time-shift.

Arrow also still features the best fight choreography and camera movement on television, putting you right in the middle of the action.

Despite some delightful Felicity moments, a surprise guest star, and the usual fun story twist at the end, this episode was the least-eventful of the season so far, an overly talkative and unnecessary repetition of a been-there-done-that Laurel redemption theme.

Arrow airs Mondays on The CW.

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