TV REVIEW: "Arrow" S7E19 “Spartan”

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

This week, high stakes pursuit of high technology is the theme for both storylines, in the present and in the continuing flash-forward adventure.

Felicity gets the draw on "the Irish Guy with no name' from The Ninth Circle

Twenty years in the future, Felicity, her grown daughter Mia, and Connor Hawke, the adopted son of John Diggle, are on the hunt for a module to power a helmet from the Deathstroke gang. This storyline has little action and holds little interest beyond showing us what the offspring of Team Arrow are up to as grownups. The show’s writers haven’t built a compelling story about this team’s mission.

In the present, while Felicity and fellow hacker genius Alena Whitlock discuss a merger with another tech lab "that could change the world," thieves from The Ninth Circle raid Smoak Tech and steal Archer, a DNA-based tracking system.

Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) and Spartan (John Diggle) join forces with the Defense Intelligence Agency and a DIA General to hunt down the thieves, before they can use Archer to find the location of scientists building a potent bioweapon.

The Ninth Circle is now lead by Oliver’s I-didn’t-know-I-had-another-sister Emiko, who he is trying to save from Dante, The Ninth Circle’s leader, and her former mentor. Oliver finally has a face-to-face (and fist-to-fist) talk with her, to convince her to reject Dante and turn her life around.

It’s still hard to get used to seeing Oliver running around in his Green Arrow gear without a mask or hood…it just doesn’t look or feel right.

With only three episodes left in season 7, it will be interesting to see what season-ending cliffhanger events are leading up to, and how much story is spent (if any) preparing for the departure of Emily Brett Rickards' character, Felicity.


• Dr. Will Magnus and Connor Hawke Easter eggs

• A very Robin Hood-like trick arrow shot

• Adrian Paul (Dante) of TV’s Highlander

• A surprise figure from John Diggle’s past

Arrow airs Mondays on The CW.

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