TV Review: "DC's Doom Patrol" S1 E10 "Hair Patrol"

Elasti-Woman and Cyborg with The Beard Hunter

Episode 10 of DC's hit show Doom Patrol just dropped, and if you thought the show couldn't get stranger, and the characters couldn't get more unique and interesting, well, you just might want to prepare yourself for Hair Patrol. The latest episode of one of the craziest shows on TV did not disappoint; it was fun, exciting, action-packed, and funny. This show rarely falls short; it may leave you shocked saying, "What the heck just happened?" but it most definitely does not dissatisfy. Doom Patrol has done an amazing job at taking minor characters in the DC universe who most might never have heard of, and bringing them to life in really interesting and cool ways. This week's episode is a prime example of that.

Hair Patrol does a brilliant job of telling two stories in this one episode. One story takes place over a 3 year period in the life of Niles Caulder (The Chief), spent in the Northern Yukon area where some fantastically intriguing things happen. If you haven't gathered by now, Niles is an extremely complex character with many secrets and sides to himself. In this 3 year period, you learn how Niles truly views himself, and what he is at heart: an "explorer." It seems, though, the more you learn about Niles Caulder's past, it only leads to more questions. Is he really the type of person he says he is? What are this true intentions and motivations with Cliff, Rita, Larry, Jane, and Vic? Niles' secrets are massive, and it seems likely that they will have a major impact on the rest of the season.

The other story taking place in Hair Patrol is what went on with Vic (Cyborg) and Rita (Elasti-Woman) while Cliff was with Crazy Jane in the Underground, with the help of the Negative Spirit that lives within Larry. During this time, we are introduced to an incredibly strange and quirky character named Ernest Franklin, aka The Beard Hunter. The Beard Hunter definitely brings the action, as well as the humor in this episode, after the Bureau of Normalcy hires him to find Niles. Don't let his name or appearance fool you, The Beard Hunter is a legit threat.

It is great seeing Vic and Rita's relationship change and grow through this episode. At the beginning of this season, the two could hardly stand to be in the same room together. Although they are somewhat forced to work together, with the other three heroes unconscious, they do work well as a team and really seem to respect and appreciate each other by the end. There even appears to be a friendship blossoming, but we will have to wait until next week's episode to find out for sure.

You can catch Doom Patrol Fridays at 6:00 am PT/9:00 am ET on the DC Universe streaming service. DCU costs $7.99/month or $74.99 for the entire year.

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