TV REVIEW: DC's "Doom Patrol" S1 E14 "Penultimate Patrol"

We have been watching for the last 13 weeks, and it has all been leading to this. As Mr. Nobody said at the end of last week's episode, "We finally get to see a superhero show," and it definitely does not disappoint. We get to see Eric Morden (Mr. Nobody) before he becomes Mr. Nobody with his girlfriend Millie in 1946 Chicago, at a restaurant where he is breaking the news that he lost his job at a certain Evil organization, telling her he was replaced by a really smart gorilla that speaks French. We learn some of his motivations behind going to Paraguay to be experimented on by the Nazi scientist, and becoming what we know him as today.

We now have the team united, and after Cyborg reinstalled Grid, Cliff Steele (Robotman), Larry Trainor (Negative Man), Rita Farr (Elasti-Woman), and Jane (Crazy Jane) have a map to the Beardhunter, which should theoretically lead them to Niles Caulder (Chief). With them is Flex Mentallo, who is the key to finding Chief; he is heartbroken and blames himself for the tragic death of his beloved wife Dolores in last week's "Flex Patrol." On their way to finding Chief, they run into some friends they've made, like Danny Street, the sentient, genderqueer, teleporting street that Larry and Vic met in episode 8's "Danny Patrol." Flex and Danny have known each other, and have a very tender moment after Danny learns about Dolores. As we found out last week, Flex can open doorways to other dimensions, and on his first try to opening a doorway to Niles, he flexes the wrong muscle and Danny, the team (minus Cliff), and everyone else around start to feel something immense, making for a "pleasurable," yet slightly awkward and totally hilarious moment.

While all this is going on, Cyborg is back at the hospital with his father, who is still recovering from his beating at the hands of his son. At the hospital, Vic finally learns the truth about his mother and the horrific accident; it is a very intense and heartbreaking moment. After finding out the truth, Vic can no longer stay at the hospital, and makes the decision to leave.

The team is ready for the big showdown with Mr. Nobody for Chief, and of course, Mr. Nobody has some tricks up his sleeve. He has some very enticing offers for each individual member. They are not the same team that he faced in the donkey; they are stronger, more mature, and are willing to put others before themselves. They have become better people. They know they can count on each other, and together they do make a good unified team. This episode takes great influence from Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol run, like where Mr. Nobody is hiding Niles, as well as several other parts. There is some major 4th wall breaking in "Penultimate Patrol," and not just by Mr. Nobody; they even admit that it's a show on a streaming service. As usual with Doom Patrol, nothing is hardly what it seems to be, and just when you think all is good, we get thrown for a "loop" (Groundhog's Day style).

This fantastic episode ends with a huge cliffhanger after we finally learn Niles' big secret. This will most definitely have a major impact on the season 1 finale, as well as future seasons to come.

The final episode of Doom Patrol season 1, titled "Ezekiel Patrol" will be available Friday May 24th at 6:00 AM PST/ 9:00 AM EST.

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