TV Review: DC's "Doom Patrol" S1 E9: "Jane Patrol"

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

After all the crazy and chaotic events of the last two episodes in Therapy Patrol and Danny Patrol, Karen, one of Crazy Jane's (Kay Challis) alters who seems to have some kind of mind control powers, has been forcibly removed from control and taken back to the Underground, where Jane is currently hiding, after nearly marrying Doug. The Underground is a treacherous place deep inside of Jane's own mind where the rest of her 64 personalities reside, along with memories that only get darker the deeper you go. The look and feel of the Underground definitely gives you a sinking feeling. The set design of the Underground is absolutely brilliant, as well as the decision to use different actresses the play some of the alters we meet in the Underground. Jane sets off on a journey through the vast Underground to try to find answers as well as exploring memories.

Jane Patrol was fantastically written by Marcus Dalzine and directed brilliantly by Harry Jierjian. As for acting, Diane Guerrero (Jane) and Brendan Fraser (Cliff Steele) knock it out of the park in this spooky, thought-provoking, and slightly tear-jerking episode. Last week's episode let us get to know Larry Trainor (Negative Man) better as a person as well as the struggles he's been through. This episode unpacks Jane; it gives you some of the answers you may have been seeking about the character and what kind of trauma that made her who she is, really making you connect with Jane throughout this episode.

Fans of this hit DC Universe show will love this week's episode from beginning to end. Each new episode continues to develop these unique and interesting heroes. The bold and exciting decisions that this show chooses make it absolutely stand out from all other comic book superhero shows. Whenever you sit down for a new episode of Doom Patrol, you never know what to expect, aside from being very satisfied by the end, of course. If you are on the fence about purchasing the DCU streaming service, I highly recommend getting it if you can afford it, specifically for this great show, but also for all the other awesome content it has to offer.

There are four episodes remaining of Doom Patrol season 1. Each episode is released Friday mornings at 9:00 am ET/ 6:00 am PT.

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