TV REVIEW: "Gotham" S5E12 “The Beginning…” SERIES FINALE

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

The final episode of Gotham opens with Bruce writing to Alfred from the Far East, assuring him that he is fine, but will be away for some time, but will return when he knows he is able to protect Gotham, and when they need him.

Gordon fights the soon-to-be Joker for the life of his daughter Barbara.

Ten years later, an audibly grizzled Commissioner Gordon informs the mayor that his retirement will take effect after the opening of the new Wayne Tower, and the accompanying return of Bruce Wayne.

Gotham’s villains have all been locked up in Blackgate Prison for the last decade, but it wouldn’t be much of a grand finale if things stayed that way, would it? A prisoner breakout coincides with the theft of cases of C-4, and an explosive finale it will certainly be, if Gordon and a shadowy new figure can’t work together.

Of course, all the criminals are quickly foiled (this is only a 42-minute show!), and all the characters’ destinies are set, in time for a final, dramatic rooftop reveal of the new vigilante in town, along with Alfred’s poetic: “Yet in the darkness, there will be light.” Cue the Bat-signal.

Other than the cruel and repeated teases of the rise of the Joker over the last several seasons, and a forced and uninspired appearance by Bane this season, all five years of Gotham have been enjoyable for fans, as it explored the origins of the Batman universe.


• the appearance of an iconic mustache

• young Barbara (Batgirl) Gordon, dressed in a lovely shade of Foreshadow Violet

• an avoid-the-security-lasers ballet that is now officially a cliche

• the final visual evolution of the Penguin

• the first meeting of Cat and Bat

• Actor Morena Baccarin (Lee Gordon), looking like she walked directly over from the set of Deadpool (that is not the hairstyle of a police commissioner’s wife)

• the first time striking terror into the hearts of criminals… a joy to behold

Want to binge past seasons of Gotham? Seasons 1-4 are available on Netflix.

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