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TV REVIEW: Gotham S5E11 “They Did What?”

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

In this week‘s next-to-last episode of the series, city facilities like the GCPD are overwhelmed with refugees displaced by the first wave of bombing on Gotham. Nyssa al Ghul and Bane, in control of the military, order the invasion of the city and the elimination of any remaining citizens. Nyssa has also kidnapped Jim and Barbara Gordon’s infant daughter (Holy Baby Batgirl, Batman!), planning to raise her as another al Ghul. It’s a showdown between a severely undermanned GCPD against an army of 700 for the fate of Gotham.

Bullock, Gordon, and the GCPD against Bane and an army of 700.

Usually I have been a big fan of Jaime Murray (Nyssa) on other genre shows like Warehouse 13 and Midnight, Texas, but her acting here is uncharacteristically hammy and overblown. The fact that she was given hammy and overblown dialogue doesn’t help, I suppose.

One episode remains in the series, and the architecture geek in me is already missing the show’s wonderful set designs, especially the GCPD and City Hall. They have been a beautiful Art Deco meets Gothic combination, one that has perfectly captured the feel of Anton Furst’s iconic, Oscar-winning designs of Gotham for Tim Burton’s Batman movies. I also continue to be amazed at the very detailed, convincing CGI aerial views of Gotham.


• Lucius Fox presenting Bruce with an iconic Bat-weapon, with an Easter egg for a name

• Penguin’s “combat shades”

• Bruce making a noble sacrifice to try to prevent the military invasion

• the nice homage to a famous Tim Burton movie visual involving the moon and a bat

• a pointed hug sealing a renewed partnership

• the promotion for a hero

• a future hero leaving Gotham to embrace his destiny and gain greater knowledge

• (Natural?) redhead Barbara Gordon in the sneak preview for next week

Next Week: “BE THERE FOR THE END OF GOTHAM”…(and the Beginning of the Bat).

Gotham airs Thursdays on Fox.

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