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TV REVIEW: "Lucifer" S4 E3

This episode picks up right where episode 2 left off, with Father Kenly revealing to Lucifer a secret that sets up the next 45 minutes. As a character, both in the show and in mythology, our titular title character isn’t really known as someone that just lets things go. If anything, that’s what much of this episode covers, what it takes to let something important go. Moving forward after an experience changes your life, be it for the better or worse. Obviously, Lucifer is the King of not being able to let his issues go, however, he’s trying. The show is about the worst being in Creation trying to be better than he was. Attempting, though slowly, to overcome his traumatic childhood. I cannot think of a more traumatic incident than standing up to your dad, getting kicked out of the house and having to take the actual WORST job ever.

Chloe struggles with Lucifer's true nature

This experience may be why Lucifer reacts the way he does in the episode, after finding out that someone he cares for is being less than honest with him. After all, one of the other defining features of the so-called Prince of Lies, at least in this show, is that he never does lie. The expectation of the truth in return, I feel, isn’t too much to ask. Loyalty, then, is very important and is a long-standing theme that this episode highlights. Of course, betrayal is the other side of the coin, so it too is a feature.

This season is really pushing the darkness. I’d say it’s the MOST "Lucifer" season of Lucifer, which may come from a higher budget with the move to Netflix, meaning we get to see a lot more of what was only hinted at in previous seasons, but I also mean that Lucifer himself acts more like the fallen angel he is. With that in mind, there’s a huge bright spot this go around that cannot be ignored. As we learned last episode, Amenadiel has found his purpose in the new life he has chosen on Earth, a new role, that of father.

Is this suspect guilty of murder? He's at least guilty of the crime of tying a sweater around his neck.

Dan has been back sliding since Charlotte’s death last season and it just continues. Elle, having lost her faith, finds herself in darker and darker paths. Not too bad, mind you, Elle being bright and bubbly, so much that the shade cast on her life seems even more enveloping due her nature. This makes Linda and Amenadiel’s pregnancy, even when there are outside problems trying to worm their way in, a joy. The way that Amenadiel reacts to the news takes this B-story from an afterthought to an important theme, considering how dour the rest of the show has become for the supporting cast. Linda’s resolve, which is like iron after all the times it’s been tested, is awe-inspiring. Their story not only plays with the overall themes of the season, but with social norms as well. Even more than just those dealing with humans and angels having children!

Shadows, present from the very beginning, permeate this season, but especially this episode. There are secrets revealed. There are confrontations that have been simmering. Emotions running hot and beginning to bubble up. Some expectations that we’ve firmly held since the show began are tested, and new characters are set up in this one that will impact everything moving forward. This is the episode where the Hellfire really starts to heat things up!

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