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TV REVIEW: "Lucifer" S4E1 "Everything's OK"

The season and episode begin with one of my all-time favorites to karaoke, Radiohead’s "Creep", and we get to listen to Lucifer, Tom Ellis, show off his pipes with an amazing performance. The song has a specific meaning to Lucifer as he had shown Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) his true demonic visage. Now, he’s not sure how she’s taken this news as she was pulled away by the police in the season three finale. Lucifer mentions all of this, giving us a tidy recap, as he does the same to some thieves that have come to rob him, one of which is an old friend last seen in the desert. While the show begins in dark way, it quickly turns, as the script is as mercurial as the protagonist.

Tom Ellis as Lucifer

Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) gives us a great little wrap-up in her famously brusque manner, mentioning that they’re both over the plot that ended last season and informing us that it’s been a month since the finale. After catching up with the demonic bounty hunter, the next scene brings back the other two regulars in the show, CSI investigator Ella Lopez, Aimee Garcia, and Detective Dan “the Douche” Espinoza, Kevin Alejandro, who are on the scene of a murder of a bee keeper. Just as Lucifer has come to the realization that Decker isn’t just going to be there one day…well, his Father works in mysterious ways. I’ll leave the reaction of both to you, but it’s great!

The first stop after Decker’s return is Lucifer’s therapist Dr. Linda Martin (Rachael Harris), who reminds him of the recent revelation that angels self-actualize while attempting to help him to understand the reaction from Decker. She herself went through a similar experience in past seasons and it did not go well for her mental health. The good doctor recommends that Lucifer take it slow, give Decker time. Which, of course, he completely dismisses.

We pick up on the case, learning that the formerly-thought-mild-mannered-who-made-specialty-honey Bob had a bit of a violent streak from a rival honey stand at the Farmer’s Market. I must be honest, Avocado Honey IS going too far, though, maybe not so far it deserved death. Turns out, Bob “The Knob” was in wit-sec. A former hit man for a well-known crime family that happen to have just arrived in LA. Unfortunately, even with the Avocado Honey, the most obvious suspects owed the victim for his testimony. In the end, it was the Marshal that was both Bob’s contact and murderer, angry because criminals aren’t getting the punishment they deserve.

If I’m fair, the Police part of this episode really didn’t interest me at all. And how could it? Last season left so many things dangling that this episode needed to reel many of those in. Decker’s reaction as it slowly crumbles in the face of what she’s seen, what she’s really been doing for the past month? Mazikeen making up with Decker’s daughter only to realize why Decker lied? Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) left for the Silver City last season and what happened while he was there? So many questions and while many get wrapped up, they also present new mysteries to answer. Throughout, you can see the pain on Ellis’ Lucifer. How everything is affecting him and he’s just trying to keep together. At one point, Dr. Martin mentions to Lucifer that he and Decker may be going through a similar experience, but it wasn’t till the end that I understood which experience she really meant.

This was a great start to the new season. All the actors still have that chemistry. I was a bit concerned that, coming to Netflix from a different network, that the show would be changed in a way that didn’t feel like Lucifer anymore, which has been the case for several other shows. If this first episode is any indicator, however, the show is in good hands. I, personally, look forward to binging the heck out of it!

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