TV REVIEW: Nora has "Gone Rogue" in S5 E20 of "The Flash"

After her father Barry sent her to her room (back to the future) for being secretive and untrustworthy about making Eobard Thawne (Reverse Flash) her mentor, Nora didn’t stay there for long. She was angry, determined to find a way back to the past that her father couldn’t detect, so she agreed to have Thawne train her to create her own Negative Speed Force, despite the dark consequences to herself.

Nora recruits her "Rogues cover band"

She seems to have gone bad, stealing tech for an as-yet unknown purpose, with the help of the young Rogues she has recruited: Weather Witch, Rag Doll, and “Crazy Bee Girl” as Cisco calls her. Team Flash is on her trail, thanks to traces of negative tachyons her negative speed force leaves behind, and also clues them in on what she has become.

The performances by all the actors in the excellent cast of The Flash continue to be genuine and heartfelt. Carlos Valdes (Cisco) is the “Felicity” of this show, the positive, hopeful, playful soul that holds the others together, and making the most of every scene he is in. Grant Gustin has a humorous bit where he gets to brilliantly overact with a cheesy dramatic monologue to distract the Rogues.

Will Nora come back from the Dark Side? Find out on The Flash, Tuesdays on The CW.


• a shout-out to comics writer Gail Simone

Sex in the City and Conan the Barbarian references

• an uber-creepy entrance by Rag Doll

• the reveal of Cicada II’s dark plan against metahumans

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